Fertility Issues

Fertility is a growing issue for a large number of people, this site has been set up to give some practical advice to all couples who are suffering from infertility, or subfertility, as well as those who just want to ensure that they give the best possible start to there new family. The Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic gives nutritional advice to anyone but specialises in any fertility issue, pre-conceptual care issues, and supports people through their pregnancy. We help people conceive naturally or by improving their general health it should improve chances that IVF treatment will work. Advice on these pages is just general advice, and although it should help, it does not give the same level of specific help that a nutrition consultation will bring.

Nutrition is not just a complimentary therapy it is something we do to our body on a daily basis. So it makes sense that if we intend to produce a child, we ensure that we give that child the best possible start in life by eating the best quality foods that we can afford. We are talking about fresh, nutrient rich, foods, so that the egg and sperm have a healthy start and then throughout the pregnancy.

“It Takes 12 months to make a Baby”

It takes about three months for a sperm to develop and three months for an egg to ripen, so we should ensure that we start this healthy diet and lifestyle before we plan to conceive. Nutritionists at the Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic are trained specifically to help you achieve this healthy diet and life style and to give you and your future baby the best possible chance for health.

Dian Shepperson Mills

Dian is the Director of the Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic, author of “Endometriosis; a guide to healing and fertility through nutrition”, member of BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapist), registered with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council), member of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology), member of ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), trustee of the Endometriosis SHE Trust, and Governor of ION (Institute for Optimum Nutrition). Dian has spent her life teaching nutrition and researching into various aspects of endometriosis and fertility. Having presented research at a number of conferences has become a leader in her field and is a driving force in setting up a nutrition special interest group in the ASRM, showing how nutrition is involved with all aspects of disease but especially fertility and endometriosis.

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The therapies on these pages have been helpful for many women, and have been well researched and documented. Because we do not know you or your particular needs, they may or may not be appropriate for you. This site is not intended to displace proper medical care. Do not stop taking medications without discussion with your physician. If you want to try the approaches discussed, take these ideas to your physician and ask him/her to help you. Teamwork can often bring the best results.